Our new patent pending panel system is a pre-cast concrete panel that rests on the building foundation and easily attaches to the building wall girt.

Our standard panels are 3’ and 4’ tall and up to 12’ long with the following features:

  • Standard gray color
    • Integral colors available with custom color mix available
  • We allow for a ½” caulk joint between each panel
  • All orders come with the panels and
    • Tape style caulk for under the panel seal
    • Foam tape for the top of the panel
    • Single piece BLUE clips for the base attachment
    • Two-piece RED clips for the top attachment
    • All necessary fasteners
  • Your favorite full cavity insulation system with fabric and/or liner easily install with our system
  • Custom window/opening cut-outs are provided as needed
  • Trim details and trim are by your building company
  • Our standard facing includes:
    • 8×16 rock face block in a standard coursing
    • Sandstone
    • Standard plywood
  • Our ability to provide facing options is almost limitless
    • We can provide custom panels w/ client logos or messaging
  • Thin brick in many colors and styles are also available

Our panel system can provide over 50% in cost reduction over other industry veneer options.

Our panels allow for the sheeting to be moved away from grade eliminating:

    • Panel salt rust
    • Panel damage
    • Rodent access

Please reach out for pricing and how to get your project started. We have been in the Pre-Cast business for over 35 YEARS and look forward to providing you and your clients a better more cost effective and longer lasting building veneer.

Visit QuickVeneer.com or call 1-800-856-1388 to learn more.